Founding Members:

Executive Committee Members:

  • Brother. Dr. Mostafa Khalil Galal
  • Brother. Dr. Habib G Munshi
  • Brother. Mr. Bharakath Ali
  • Brother. Dr.Khalaf Abdelhakiem
  • Sister. Mrs.Homa Wijahat
  • Brother Dr. Waseem Rao
  • Brother Mr.Faisal Ali Khan
  • Brother Dr.Muhammad Umair Mukhtar Mian
  • Brother Dr.Hassan Ali
  • Brother. Mr.Navaid Ahmed
  • Brother. Mr.Wijahat Riyaz
  • Sister. Dr.Sofia Iqbal
  • Sister. Mrs.Hina Ghafoor
  • Brother Dr. Fateih Khan
  • Brother Mr. Zahid Abbasi
  • Brother Dr. Zulfikar Ali (Zach Ali)
  • Brother Mr. Kalil Ul Islam
  • Brother Mr. Kaleem Fraklin
  • Brother. Dr. Zisansha Zahirsha
  • Brother Mr. Monis Ahmed Khan - IT Director
  • Sister. Mrs.Naeema  - Director, Islamic School Affair



  • Brother Dr. Asadullah Ahmed - Advisor (Dallas, TX)
  • Brother Mr.Mansoor Sukhera - Advisor (IFGSTL-Saint Louis)
  • Brother Mr.Ariff Rahman - Advisor (IFGSTL-Saint Louis)


All correspondence/mail to be sent to: Project Management Office, American Momin Park, 2125 W Kingsley St, Springfield, MO 65807


Masjid Construction site location: (Please do not send any mail to this address); 1441 S Farm Rd 133, Springfield, MO 65807.