The objectives of this proposal are


A survey conducted in July 2015 showed a high demand for a new, larger masjid that would better suit the community's needs for gatherings, security, Eid celebrations, Islamic education, and community outreach. Financial support for the proposed masjid is promising.

Proposed AMP Activities:

American Momin Park, Inc (AMP) will be available for the following religious and community activities

Facility Opportunity:

Founding members generously donated and purchased a 5.5 Acre plot of land at 1441 S Farm Road, 133, Springfield, MO 65807 and committed substantial funds to the masjid, community center, Islamic School and cemetery construction. The land is located in the corners (inside) of W Sunshine and W. Bye Pass road classified as Commercial Zone. This area already includes three Christian churches and approval to construct a masjid was also obtained before land purchase. However detailed construction drawings must be approved by Greene County before obtaining a building permit to start construction. See location map for more details.

The proposed masjid is approximately 6000 Square feet area to accommodate 500 people, and it will consist of separate male and female prayer halls, a stay area for people during Arafat, male and female restrooms with wudu areas and a spacious lobby. Two standalone separate buildings are proposed to accommodate a conference/dining multipurpose hall, a full kitchen, a female dining area, storage, a library, school K-12 class rooms, an Imam living room, , and 250-400 paved car parking facilities. One acre land is allocated for Islamic cemetery constructions with fence. Additionally, the facilities and parking areas will include security and safety features such as wireless security alarms, motion detectors, door, window and equipment sensors, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, security cameras with remote monitoring, fencing, and monitoring to protect the masjid from vandalism and theft.

Future Plan:

Future plan includes playground for children, adult outdoor basketball court, recreational area, and commercial shops to sell halal items to community thus creating recurring income to masjid operations.

Key To Community Success:

American Momin Park, Inc will be your masjid for several generations. Insha Allah. It purely depends on Springfield Muslim community for its operational support. The Muslim community will be responsible for upkeep of the masjid facilities and grounds. This will require everyone's participation, team work, and generous contributions of funds to the masjid on a regular basis. Community members are responsible for using the facilities for their intended legal activities in a respectful manner.

Contact Information:


Bank Information:

Contact us by visiting this page.

Organization And Legal Entity:

American Momin Park, Inc is a non - profit religious organization under IRC Code 501 [C] [3]. It was incorporated in the year of 2014 as an independent entity (not associated with any other organization) to serve the Muslim community in Springfield/Branson/ Ozark, Missouri area. MO Corporation No: # N000696634. Tax Id: 47-1902268 Your contribution to building fund is IRS Tax Exempted under IRC Section 501 ( c ) (3).


ALHAMDULILLAH, all praise to Allah s.w.t. for His blessings. The Proposal of Springfield Masjid Project now has finally prepared. Thanks and much gratitude to everyone involved in this project, especially to Sultan Zahirsha who used his skills to design the concept drawing, estimate and project plan, and all the executive committee members for the overwhelming supports and help in preparing the proposal and fundraising effort. We hope more support may come from our brothers, donators, and other institutions in USA and internationally.

It is our responsibility as an Ummah to uphold the tenets of Islam and building a masjid is one of shi'ar in Islam. Lastly, we make du'a to Allah s.w.t. to strengthen our Istiqamah in performing good deeds and also in making the effort to build a masjid.

"...And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him]."

Surah Ali Imran [3:159]

Current Project Status:

Boundary and topography survey has been completed from MO State approved licensed surveyor. Existing old buildings were removed after obtained Greene County demolition permit. Unwanted trees and brushes are removed by community members. Civil/Site work design were assigned to Civil Engineering consulting firm and architectural consultant also appointed to make  Masjid Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Safety drawings to obtain Greene County Building permit. All the works are expected to be completed, Insha Allah, by this year end.