• Springfield, Missouri, is a conservative and bible belt city located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Springfield is located 520 miles south of Chicago, IL, 200 miles south of Saint Louis and 350 miles north of Dallas, TX.
  • Springfield is the third largest city in the state of Missouri with a population of 165,000. The local demographics are as follows: 91% Caucasian, 3.4% African American, 3.7% Hispanic, and 1.9% other. The Muslim community makes up 0.11% of the Springfield population and consists of roughly 2000 men, women, and children of 15 Countries.
  • The city has two major hospital systems, Cox Hospitals and Mercy Hospitals, big businesses like BASSPRO HQ and many universities - Missouri State University, Drury University, Evangel University, and several Community Colleges which also serve Muslim and International students.


The objectives of this proposal are

  • To provide a modern, independent sister's friendly masjid, community center, Islamic School and cemetery facility for the future young generation Muslims ummas of Springfield/Ozark Region, MO.
  • To find support, sponsorships, as well as donations, from other organizations and the local, national, and international community.
  • To establish a permanent building as a masjid, community center, Islamic School, Muslim cemetery and a Ghusl building all in one campus for the Muslim community in the Ozark area
  • To provide efficient service and da'wah for Muslims and non-muslims in the Ozark area and promote awareness of the religion of Islam.


A survey conducted in July 2015 showed a high demand for a new, larger masjid and other facilitirs that would better suit the community’s needs for gatherings, security, Eid celebrations, Islamic education, interfaith meetings, and community outreach. Financial support for the proposed masjid is promising.

  • The Springfield city has grown by 10% since 2000, and the Muslim population here has grown as well. Every year 100-200 international muslim students enrolled various universities in Springfield.
  • American Momin Park, Inc. intends to provide a new, more modern masjid facility. The current masjid at 2151 E Division, Springfield, MO, was a correctional facility converted into a mosque in 1999 and is outdated and in a constant state of disrepair, in an insecure location that is hard for the community to access, has a poor location for the ladies’ entrance, and does not have adequate parking or facilities for the growing community. However, it was renovated recently for the time being by the community..
  • There Is no Muslim cemetery in Greene County, and the closest nearby cemeteries are in Joplin, MO (120 miles away) and Saint Louis, MO (200 miles away).
  • There is no Islamic school facility for the future generations.
  • Considering the prominence of Islamophobia in the USA, American Momin Park, Inc. will hold community outreach events such as Adopt-a-Street clean up days with Interfaith Alliance, invitations to informational talks at the masjid, open house events, free medical / dental camps, and charity drives. For this reason, the masjid and community center must be in a more accessible location, look more modern, and have enough space and facilities to host visitors.

Proposed AMP Activities:

American Momin Park, Inc (AMP) will be available for the following religious and community activities:

  • Regularly scheduled prayers 5 times a day and prayers every Friday, on Eid Day, and during Ramadhan Tarawih prayer with a dedicated full time Imam
  • Iftar parties, Eid Day Celebrations, community get to gather.
  • Halaqa (religious discussion) meetings, Dawah meetings.
  • Islamic School/ Education and study circles for children, brothers, and sisters
  • Networking opportunities with Muslim Students Associations
  • Information on Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), conducting Nikkahs
  • On campus Muslim Cemetery,  Funeral/Ghusl  and burial Services
  • Quarterly Interfaith invitations and dialogues to disseminate true spirit of Islam.

Facility Opportunity:

Founding members generously donated and purchased a 5.5 acre plot of land at 1441 S Farm Road, 133, Springfield, MO 65807 in 2016 and committed substantial funds to the masjid construction. The land is located at the corners of W Sunshine and W. Bye Pass Road classified as Commercial Zone but rezoned to Plot Assignment District [PAD] to accomodate Masjid, Community Center, Islamic School, Muslim Cemetery and a Ghusl building all in one campus..This area already includes three Christian churches.

Insha Allah, the proposed masjid is designed for 10,500 square feet.(phae 1) To accommodate 500 people, insha Allah, it will consist of separate male and female prayer halls, spacious lobby,  a full kitchen, a female dining area, sisters /brothers ablution area, unisex baby diaper changing rest room, storage, a library, Muslim cemetery with 1000+ burial spots, Janaza Wudu facility next to cemetery, and 250+ car parks in the Phase I Project.

Islamic school classrooms, an Imam living room, a stay area for people during Arafat, and a multipurpose community hall are planned for 5,000-7,000 square feet in Phase II of the project. Insha Allah

Additionally, the facilities and parking areas will include security and safety features such as wireless security alarms, motion detectors, door, window and equipment sensors, fire alarms, security cameras, fencing, and remote monitoring to protect the masjid from vandalism and theft.

  • Total Funds Needed, Funds Collected, and Current Financial Status:  Estimated cost for masjid building , external works, Muslim Cemetery, Ghusl building and Septic tank system is $2,800,000 and  funds available to carry out the project as of now is $ 1,400,000. Insha Allah, if the remaining funds are available the Phase I project will be completed by October 2023.
  • Project schedule: The time required to complete the entire Phae 1 building, site grading, landscape, and Muslim cemetery works in Phase I will be approximately 18 months , insha Allah if the required funds $1,400,000 are available the Phase 1 project will be completed by Oct 2023.

Project current status

Pre-Construction works

Design tasks such as topography and boundary surveys were already completed. To obtain approval for the Muslim cemetery, the land’s commercial zone was re-zoned as a Plot Assignment District (PAD) zone for the new Masjid, Islamic school, community center, Muslim cemetery and a ghusl building via a Green County public hearing.

Civil, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and site wastewater treatment system with laterals  (No sewer line is available near our land) design works were completed . Alhumdhulillah finally we have obtained a building permit and a grading permit.

During Oct 2021, we broke the ground to get community momentum to kick start the project. Springfield City Mayor, city officers, and members of other faith attended and participated in the groundbreaking ceremony. Alhumdhulillah. Ground Breaking Ceremony - News from KY3 TV

Progress of Construction Works:

Most of the bushes/trees were cut and removed from the project site with the help of community members. In the cemetery area, several huge trees, tree stumps, and root bulbs (4-6 feet deep/32” diameter) were pulled out and the cemetery site is graded, levelled, smoothened. 

One acre Cemetery land is levelled and smoothened. Privacy fence to neighbor and ornamental aluminum fence were installed. Construction contract for Phase I (Stage 1 &2) awarded to Crossland Construction Company in Springfield. Earthwork, partial grading, excavation works are completed.

Foundation footing, undersalb utilities like plumbing pipes, electrical conduits are installed. Alhumdhulillah foundation pad concrete was poured on Dec 21, 2022.   Foundation Pad Concrete Pouring Video.

Pre-Engineerd Steel Building structural components are arriving at site. (Feb 2023) Insha Allah erection and installtion of superstructure will be completed by March 2023 End.

Key to community Success

American Momin Park, Inc will be your masjid for several generations. Insha Allah. It purely depends on the Springfield Muslim community for its operational support. The Muslim community will be responsible for upkeep of the masjid facilities and Muslim cemetery. This will require everyone’s dedication/participation, teamwork, and generous contributions of funds to the masjid on a regular basis. Community members are responsible for using the facilities for their intended legal activities in a respectful manner.

Our success last 8 years and our appeal for your support

As of Feb 2023, due to escalation of cost in construction materials and shortage of skilled labor after Covid 19 effect, the revised total estimate of Phase 1 Main Masjid building, 250+ car park, 1,000+ burial spot cemetery, external grading & levelling works, waste wate treatment onsite facility, retention pond and privacy fences etc. for Phase I is $2,800,000.(Excluding land which was already purchased in 2016) with very limited fundraising so far we have raised $ 1,400,000. We need 1,400,000 to complete the Phase 1 project by Oct 2023. Insha Allah. . As a small community, we are therefore reaching out to our Muslim brothers and sisters, supporters, and friends both nationally and internationally to help us achieve our target.

Allah SWT in His infinite wisdom places each and every one of us in different circumstances in order to see which of us have the best actions and he will reward us for our intentions. The lesson from this is not how much we donate in monetary terms or effort, but how much personal sacrifice we make from what has been given to us. You are therefore encouraged to make donations according to what you have been given, and the Almighty alone fully knows your condition. We pray that Allah SWT will reward you for your sincere donations

Contact Information:

Contact Persons:

Sultan Zahirsha , Executive President, e-mail :  Cell: 417 631 2922                                   

Board Members: Br Fateh Khan Cell: 417 496 6897, Br. Waseem Rao 417 773 5533

Ways to Donate for this noble project:

Zelle payment use the e-mail:


By mail to Project Management Office: Make check payable to: American Momin Park. Mail to: 2125 W Kingsly St, Springfield, MO 65807

For Project progress pictures please visit

Organization and Legal Entity:

American Momin Park, Inc is a non - profit religious organization under IRC Code 501 |LS|C|RS| |LS|3|RS|. It was incorporated in the year of 2014 as an independent entity (not associated with any other organization) to serve the Muslim community in Springfield/Branson/ Ozark, Missouri area. MO Corporation No: # N000696634. Tax Id: 47-1902268 Your contribution to building fund is IRS Tax Exempted under IRC Section 501 ( c ) (3).


ALHAMDULILLAH, all praise to Allah s.w.t. for His blessings. When we made niyyah in 2013 without anything in our hand except Twakkal Ala Allah. ALLAH makes the impossible, possible. Now Allah swt made it a reality. Insha Allah, may Allah make it easy for our current and future community with your support. We hope, insha Allah, more support and help may come from our neighborhood big brothers & sisters, donators, and other Islamic institutions in USA and internationally.

It is our responsibility as an Ummah to uphold the tenets of Islam and building a masjid is one of shi’ar in Islam. Lastly, we make du’a to Allah s.w.t. to strengthen our Istiqamah in performing good deeds and also in making the effort to build a masjid.

“…And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely upon Him.” Surah Al Imran 3:159